I’ve been creating content and building community online since 1987, when you couldn’t make money at it but did it because you really believed in connecting people to each other and information.

In 1996, I became one of the first recognized online influencers and content creators with major companies like Aveda, Jones Soda, and Bliss Spa seeking me out to evangelize their products in online campaigns before it was a standard marketing practice. In 2001 I created one of the first online female and creative community sites, Another Girl at Play and in 2005 I created the award-winning, global, multi-author content site, Girls Guide to City Life. I was nominated for 2 SXSW Web Awards in 2003 and 2006 for creating high performing community and content based sites.

What I’ve done for top brands

My unique background, insights and skill set is why Airbnb asked me to build and lead their global Content and Social Media departments and why Disney asked me to help conceptualize, develop and create content for their first interactive site for Disney Playhouse. Demand Media recruited me to help with their community growth, user-engagement, content creation and developing high-profile, strategic partnerships for properties such as eHow. With Anthropologie, I created their first social media efforts including defining the voice, content, platforms and campaigns and I also developed new tools for the ecommerce site to create online the kind of community they had offline.

Technology companies such as Citrix wanted to know how to structure and scale global social business, service and operations for five products and silo’d internal teams. Start-ups have sought me out for advice on branding, positioning, site development and creating unique and functional sites. Non-profits like Direct Relief asked for help in creating advocacy programs, creating results driven SEO and Paid Search programs as well as social media creation, execution and education which received accolades from media, donors and partners such as Google For Non-Profits.

I was recruited by the ecommerce brands Red Envelope and ProFlowers to lead their first social media department to help them re-brand and focus their efforts on consumer engagement by creating holistic, effective social media and content strategies as well as unique offline events and partnerships. And agencies such as Rogers and Cowan have called, asking how to set up a digital and social department to needing a consultant to help with online education, campaigns and content for their top clients.

How I Work

I really think about the offline implications of what I do and how it’ll affect a community or customers. Thinking holistically not just in terms of internal brand and marketing needs but also in online/offline behavior, allows the work I do with any brand to be meaningful and really connect to its audience – especially if brands operate in both spaces.

A charismatic, decisive, dynamic and seasoned leader with excellent intuition, communication and sense of humor, I like to do great things, to make a real difference.

Interested in working together?

I’m open to consulting, presenting, developing and educating (and possibly on-boarding for the right fit) on social media (campaigns, best-practices, social business), content (brainstorming, creation, execution across multiple touch points), brand development and online marketing.

You can email me to let me know what you have in mind or connect with me on LinkedIn!