Hi, I’m Alex Beauchamp

Alex BeauchampI started coding in 1984 when it wasn’t cool to be a geek – especially for a girl. In 1987 I went online with a 300 baud modem and a local BBS and people thought I was crazy.

But doing that did two things for me: connected me to people and helped me tell/find stories. Over twenty-five years later, the code and speed has changed but my reason for being part of this online world hasn’t: the power of creating content and community.

I was one of the first personal bloggers, creating a writing site in 1995 called, alex the girl. Girl at Play was created in 2001 when I left a corporate career to be a creative entrepreneur. This site chronicled that three-year journey and then the journey back to consulting for companies to help them with content, community and social media.

You’ve seen my work everywhere. You just don’t know it. I don’t work for fame or to jump on a bandwagon. I work because I love to build useful, well-designed things that connect and inspire others.

I truly believe in creating great content/community/brands that help people live great offline lives. So I work with brands and people that want to do good. I can’t market an oil spill or create community around fried chicken.

I work with companies that need to do something with content or social media but aren’t sure where to start. So they usually start with me. I love design, UX, community, content, doing good, adventure, building, storytelling + putting it all together. Also ponies.

I don’t really have a mustache.