Meet Alex

An important fact: I failed art 3 times in school. I was always creative as a child (did the usual home plays, built movie sets in my back yard, put together newspapers that I wrote and sold) but was told for years I lacked artistic talent. And for years I believed everyone.

I started coding in 1984 when it wasn’t cool to be a geek – especially for a girl. I literally would buy floppy disks in secret, hoping no one would see me. In 1987 I went online with a 300 baud modem and a local BBS (which was when you could connect to another computer and talk with people who didn’t live in your area. Early days of chat).

In doing that did two things happened for me: connected me to people outside my small town and circle plus it helped me to become confident in my creative abilities (I had to code, I had to tell stories, I had to get outside my comfort zone when I met strangers). Learning the online trade as a passion helped me turn it into a career 20 years later and also allowed me to create this site along other award-winning community based sites like Another Girl at Play and Girls Guide to City Life.

Being first to code, I was one of the first personal bloggers, creating a writing site in 1995 called, alex the girl. In 2001, Girl at Play was created in 2001 when I left a corporate career to be a creative entrepreneur. Now, I work with brands like Anthropologie, Airbnb, Disney, UGG Australia and Hulu by helping them tell great stories through blogs, video, site experience and social media.

This site is no longer updated as its focus was really to chronicle a journey and period of time. If you wish to get updates on my work, you can jump over to my company site. For personal updates, you can follow me on Hygge House.

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