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Announcements & Events

Boss Lady Panel Podcast

Boss Lady SXSWi Panel

Finally the podcast from the panel I did at SXSW in March is up. Listening to it I felt really proud (yes, even with the embarrassment of realising I talked about vomit) of all that we said in it. The advice that Emira, Lauren, Jenny and Vickie shared I think is really valuable and I hope the fun we had really came through.

“Successful, creative and self-taught entrepreneurs (from graphic designers, to producers, to crafters) will discuss and offer advice on what it’s really like to be the gal running the show. With experience running their own successful businesses on-line and off, each of these women has a wealth of information, advice and success stories to share. The panel will explore what makes business different from a female perspective, the particular challenges the panelists have faced, how to create/maintain a business with/without employees and how to achieve financial success all without boas or pink markers.”

Listen Now to the Boss Lady Podcast

All Things Girl – My Interview

Edited to note: In the fall of 2006, the fantastic magazine All Things Girl asked to interview me. When they re-did their site a year later the interview file was lost and so I have pasted it below. Words bolded are ATG’s questions to me with my reply following.

We know you’re one busy girl. Tell us a little bit about the projects you currently have going on.

In the Spring of 2006, I decided that I wasn’t entirely satisfied with where I was creatively or professional. It was then I decided to stop taking on new projects and instead, have a quiet summer to figure out what my next move would be.

But reality stepped in and I’ve been busier in the past couple of months of “not working” than I have been in the past year. That’s because I’m in the midst of restructuring my company. I’m decided what it means to actually have your own business, what mine is going to be about, what my mission statement is, who I need to hire to make it work and what projects I will do.

I am also networking a lot right now which is very new for me and something I always thought was “dirty.” But I realized that I love connecting with people and there’s a way to do that in a genuine fashion and it doesn’t always have to be business related. Opening up to new friends I’ve discovered how to be more financially viable. Talking with my hair dresser I learned more about advertising. Talking with a man on the plane I had two new ideas for sites and so forth. I’m seeking answers to questions I didn’t know I had because I’m taking the time to listen now and that’s been one of the most valuable things. I love having coffee every day with new people – keeps me busy and working!

In August I’m driving across Canada for three weeks for the last of my travel assignments this year. That’s taken up a lot of time in preparation and obviously, will take up a lot of time in August. Because of this, I’ve not been able to jump into ideas as quickly as I’d like but I’m learning that this is a good thing. For the first time I’m letting things brew and mix in my brain without feeling like I must do something. Being held back is actually helping me move forward.

So, without being able (or wanting to) take on any new projects, I’m working on smaller things that I can do in-between. Things such as Girls Guide to City Life and launching a new lifestyle site Hygge House .

I’m also taking a lot of time to enjoy life right now which perhaps sounds cliché but it’s needed. I became so busy – too busy to call people, to go to the beach, to walk down a street, to sit and have a coffee. To busy for my own brain to ever rest. So now I take weekends off, I still go to Premieres and screenings, I’m connecting way more with people and I’m sitting at the beach a lot more often with an iced latte in hand. I believe that by working hard during the week, I can take guilt-free time off on the weekends. It’s needed. Without a break I’d burn out.

I’m a huge believer that you get results based on the effort you put into something; if you put a lot of effort into being miserable, you will be miserable. If you put a lot of effort into being overweight, you will be overweight. If you put a lot of effort into complaining about your current life, you will remain in your current life. However, if you put a lot of effort into moving forward and taking care of things you can take care of right now, you will move forward – even if it’s little steps done by even smaller movements.

If you want to have a different life but can’t jump into it completely right now, do something – even if it’s as simple as changing an old belief or picking up a pen to right down your company name. It’s the act of believing in your dreams and then acting on them that will manifest more and more. Just thinking about it, dreaming about it, wishing for it, won’t make anything happen. You must do something and keep doing something.

In order to grasp opportunity, one has to be prepared. So each day I do little by little – even if I don’t fully understand why.


Book Updates

At the conference I kept referring people to my book page for information, only to realise today that it hasn’t been updated in over a year! So, slowly but surely I’m making my way to making additions to the book pageand adding reviews.

But since I keep getting asked what are my top-rated books, I’d offer the following: