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  • seth godin

    What part do you play?

    “I think we’re starting to see a fundamental shift in the way small businesses are started and the way that they’ll succeed. I’m hoping future small business owners will ask themselves what…

  • Community, Social Media

    I’m no GRRRRL

    When I attended a BlogHer panel today I left really, really frustrated Both the panel and the audience, and perhaps rightly so, seemed to be very “grrrrl.” Everyone seemed to reflect each…

  • Community

    April 19, 2004

    In the several years I’ve been working as an artist, I’ve asked for outside help with projects only a handful of times, if that. Despite having access to a lot of fabulously…

  • Community

    March 26, 2004

    There have been many occasions when I’ve thought of jotting down a note or two here to either update people on what’s going on or share something I’ve learned but I’ve hesitated.…

  • Community

    March 25, 2004

    I realise it’s been over two months since my last real update which might make one wonder if I’m still around. I am. But this past year I’ve become a lot more…

  • Community

    March 13, 2004

    I must confess that I adore celebrating events which might be getting to ridiculous levels but let me explain. When I first started working on my own as a writer, I thought…