July 26, 2001

The only way to really achieve your dream is to work hard and have a little patience. In the land where you can buy or do anything 24/7, patience can be hard.

It’s not that I thought I’d have overnight success, and it’s not that I thought I wouldn’t have to put out any effort, but I don’t think I realised all that living out a dream entails.

You think perhaps because you want it, and it’s in your heart to do it, that it should be easy. If you want to be a rock star all you think you have to do is have a little bit of talent and great hair and someone will sign you. You think if you want to be an actress all you have to do is get that one part and you’re set for life. Wanting it will help drive you, but it’s not enough to get you there.

Perhaps, people get discouraged from living out a dream or passion because they realise how much work really needs to take place. They think, “this should be fun, not work!” and that just because it’s your passion, you shouldn’t have to lift a finger.

The truth is, sometimes you lift more.

I’m currently working harder than I did in any office job because this matters. What I put out is me. What I write is a part of me. It’s all my reflections, experience, my passion, my heart. My work is 100% me. In my last jobs, I would throw numbers together that was somebody else’s, or collate other people’s papers, or staple mindless chunks of paper together. That work wasn’t me and so it didn’t matter.

Now, it matters and that can be a frightening thing if you’re not ready.

If you are ready then the fear will eventually subside a little and the rewards will start to appear. When you live the life you want to lead, and have to job to want to do, then everything seems more worthwhile. Not necessarily easier, but worthwhile and to me that is enough.

Even if I’m not getting paid for overtime.

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