June 08, 2002

When I started to look at my writing differently, things started to happen.

Instead of referring to it all the time as “my dream,” I began to call it what is was – my work. Instead of saying to people, “I’m busy writing” I said, “I’m busy working.”

I’m realising that I’m in business, I’m running my own company Girl at Play and that I was running away from the word “work” instead of running away from the word “corporate.”

Work is actually a good thing and I like it and once I realised that, my work schedule got very busy very quickly.

I think because I kept referring to what I’m doing as a “dream” all the time, I didn’t work as hard, thinking that, as in a dream, everything would just be handed to me. Now that I now I have to go and grasp everything no matter what contacts I have.

Also by treating myself like a business, I can do several different things. I write, speak, run workshops, run websites, communicate and support artists and other little things I’m still working on. I’m actually happier doing more and in spite of the bigger workload and schedule. By really concentrating on what I want and how to get it, I went from just talking about how I was living a dream, to actually living it by working in it.

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