“In a survey of more than 150,000 entrepreneurs in 40 regions around the world, women in low- and middle-income nations were found to be more than twice as likely to be involved in early-stage business start-ups as those in high-income nations, researchers at Babson College and the London Business School said.”
From Inc. via Sheep Dog PR.

My take on this is because if you have nothing you don’t have fear of losing anything. All you know is you want something so bad you’ll do whatever you can to get it. The more desire you have, the less questions you ask and the more actions you take – this is true of anything.

Comfort is something so many of us strive for yet can become a sort of prison if we’re not careful. It can breed fear and laziness by tricking us into thinking we can’t risk. When it’s at that very moment we should.

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