November 07, 2003


Sometimes when one repeats a word over and over, like carrot, the word starts to make less and less sense. If one writes the word down over and over, the spelling starts to make even less sense. One starts to ask, “Is that even a word? It doesn’t look right. It doesn’t make sense.”

Although they might have said or spelled carrot a million times, it’s the repetition that can sometimes cause doubt to the validity of the word.

That is how I feel about my book proposal.

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Alex Beauchamp

Written by Alex Beauchamp, Girl At Play is the real-time chronicles of when she left a corporate career in 2001 to become a creative entrepreneur and all the ups and downs that happened. As of 2017, Alex is a successful content and creative strategist for brands like Anthropologie, Disney and Airbnb and resides in Santa Monica CA.

By Alex Beauchamp

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