Sept. 12, 2002

I spent the last week on a whirlwind business trip and discovered that the old saying is true. You do need a vacation after your vacation.

One night here, one night there, meeting with people, talking business, driving, it all added up to a very busy and tight schedule. I enjoyed it however, especially the business end. I got to meet people in the travel industry and talk travel – something I do best.

It was good that I did my first large-scale assignment in an area I was comfortable in. After spending two years living in Banff and several months living in Lake Louise, I knew the area, hotels and tour companies inside out. Meeting with hotel PR was easy because I understood the market and the properties. I also was treated like royalty – a definite job perk!

Although it was at times straining to balance taking notes with just sitting back and enjoying the scenery, it was a really good learning experience for next time.

It taught me how I want to work and what kind of travel writing I want to do. I know that I’ll never do a trip like this one again – too many places in too little time left little for writing about my experiences and more for simple critiques. I realised that this is something I truly love doing because it combines my passion of travel with my love of writing. I also discovered that I’m good at it – making deals, talking with travel people, noticing details, and writing about what I’ve done.

However, the most valuable lesson I learned from this trip was that on the next one I’ll be more indulgent with time – both personally and professionally. I’ll make way for the afternoon nap and set aside time for just taking notes. Because if I don’t find a balance somehow, I won’t last long as a travel writer. And I really want to.

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